The process of assessment of every journal is core to the quality creation. GBR follows three step P’s policy:

Plagiarism prevention, Peer Review and Publishing for a triumphant publication. The motive of GBR is to present the readers with authentic research studies. Therefore, the Journal uses the very well and widely accepted plagiarism detection tool(s). However, if required, the journal may call for a similarity report from the author at any point of time. All submitted manuscripts are first subjected to plagiarism check and then the publishing process commences. GBR being a university journal follows University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines on (promotion of academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism in higher educational institutions) regulations, 2018, under which any article having similarity index above 10% would be rejected.

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In case, plagiarism is detected during the review/editorial process, such manuscript(s) will be rejected immediately and we can also consider other steps depending upon the seriousness of the case. If the plagiarism is proven after publication, such manuscript(s) will be removed from our website and an appropriate announcement will be placed in this regard. Further, “GBR” can bring such instances in the notice of author’s funding agencies, author’s institutes (where they work) and to the original authors whose work has been plagiarized. Please report the plagiarism to email: